Discover: Lowlakes

Originally from the arid Northern Territory city of Alice Springs, Lowlakes moved to Melbourne to pursue better opportunities. Earlier this year, the four-piece outfit released a self-titled debut. It was surprisingly strong and combined the fragile melancholy of Antony and the Johnson with intricate musical compositions reflective of Swedish indie pop and experimental rock artists like Radiohead. The first single, “Song for Motion,” was followed by videos for “Arctic House” and “Buffalo.” After creating a bit of a buzz on the interwebs, a CMJ invite followed and they have just unleashed a single.

“Cold Company” is Lowlakes’ first recording since the release of their  self-titled EP. It’s one of those songs you pop into your media player when the darkness hits, the rain is falling, and you just want to drive. It sufficiently whets the appetite for the album that’s now in development.

Check out: “Cold Company”

Check out: “Song for Motion”

Watch: “Cold Company”

Watch: “Arctic House”

Watch: “Buffalo”

Purchase: Lowlakes EP

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