Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 07-Oct-12

In this edition: A quick run down and revisit of last night’s Tipsy show. Plus, we have videos from Ane Brune, City Brat, The Presets, Shark?, and Shark Week.


Last night’s take at the Tipsy Teapot was incroyable! Dinosaur Feathers lived up to expectations, playing their brand of rhythmic indie pop to the delight of the Tipsy faithful.  They rode a crest that developed early with the likes of Sea Dirt (Greenville), Lower Cases and Capitals (Greensboro), and surged with Shark? (Brooklyn) and BRAINSTORM (Portland). Shark? threw a molotov cocktail on the place with their brand of bar punk, at times sounding like The Pixies fronted by Mark Lanegan. BRAINSTORM whipped the flames into a fury with their insanely rhythmic brand of experimental pop. The floor vibrated and the walls shook as the crowd gyrated and bounced along to each set. It’s one of the better shows we’ve had in Greenville this year, as this touring trio left the crowd wanting more and talking into the wee hours after it all ended.

Check out our selection of tracks from Shark?, BRAINSTORM, and Dinosaur Feathers:

Shark? – “Hey Grrl”

Shark? – “Choose to Lose”

Shark? – “Down Low”

BRAINSTORM – “Beast In the Sky”

BRAINSTORM – “Flat Earth”

BRAINSTORM – “Maybe A Memory”

Dinosaur Feathers – “Untrue”

Dinosaur Feathers – “Young Bucks”

Videos, videos, videos…

Ane Brune – “These Days”
from It All Starts With One 
out now on PIAS America

City Brat – “Savage Friends”
from Strange Summer EP
out now
Frenetic electronic dance pop tune that throws in a lot of stop motion antics. A fun tune that’s guaranteed to lighten up your mood.

The Presets – “Ghosts”
from Pacifica
out now on Modular Recordings
“Cocaine, song, and women and wine…” Learning life’s lessons the hard way, and leaving the ghosts of the past behind. Spectacular cinematography.

Shark? – “I’ve Got Friends”
from “Fear” EP
Just can’t get enough of these guys.

Shark Week – “If You Want Me To Stay (for awhile)”
from EP
out now on Bandcamp (pay what you want)
This track has a strong surf rock feel, a bit of a departure from a track we featured earlier this week, “Get High.” Go get the entire EP on Bandcamp using the virtual tip jar.



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