The Morning Mail: 03-Oct-12

This is a new feature and we’ll see if we can make it daily. It’s designed to get info out quicker. We’ve had an incredible amount of e-mail entering our inbox, so we bring you The Morning Mail. When we started the blog, we waited a long time to have this kind of traffic from bands wanting to reach our audience. Now that we have it, we have to stem the tide and deal with it. We will post streams, mp3s, and videos that we enjoy and emerge fresh from the inbox and other sources of notification.

We’ll keep writing our standard features (i.e., DIY Corner, album reviews, “The New”, etc.), but this process will hopefully decrease some of the bloat in the box.

Today we have news, music and videos from Baroness, Benjamin Gibbard, Fletcher C. Johnson, Fort Frances, Grizzly Bear, Gypsy & the Cat, Honey Mustard, Indian Rebound, Mountain Goats, Shark Week, Tin Can Radio.


Fort Frances – “Ripple” (Grateful Dead cover)
Wow, we are late to the game on this, but we’ll share because we love this version. A bit subdued, but because it’s not an “exact cover” goes a long way for us.

Benjamin Gibbard – “Something’s Rattling” (Cowpoke)
from Former Lives
out October 16 on Barsuk
Ok, so this isn’t exactly what I would expect from Gibbard, and I love it for that reason. It’s as if he’s been listening to old Marty Robbins records or something. Makes me want to put on a six-shooter, head to El Paso, and fall in love. I am not sure my wife will approve.

Gypsy & the Cat – “Bloom”
from The Late Blue
out sometime in early 2013
Wow! this band bowled me over and are a real throw back to bands of the mid to late 80s. Not so much synth pop as new wave, Gypsy & the Cat take advantage of hooky beats, deep bass lines, and great presence. You can download this single for the price of an email here.

Honey Mustard – “Talk”
(single) out now
A great grungie pop feel to this song. It was originally released  as part of the Left Turn 4 Records summer mixtape. Its hard hooks and snappy feel make it hard to ignore.

Indian Rebound – “Bowery Brats” (single)
A group of New York City teenagers who will rock your face off with their edgy, indie rock approach.

Mountain Goats – “Night Light” (Demo)
an early demo from Transcendental Youth
out now on Merge Records
It’s a demo, but it’s always interesting to hear how a song develops. Waiting awhile to hear this record and I am happy to indulge.

Shark Week – “Get High”
from EP
out now on Bandcamp (pay what you want)
“Get High” combines elements of lo-fi and psychedelia to convey a simple message about forgetting life’s troubles. Go get the entire EP on Bandcamp using the virtual tip jar.

Tin Can Radio“It Goes On” [via]
from Open Ears Open Minds
out now on
High energy indie pop from Brisbane (Australia).


Fletcher C. Johnson – “Messin’ Up My Mind”
single  b/w “Lost My Head” on White Iris
You have to get a chuckle when you consider the title of the b-side. Straight forward indie rock tune. The video recalls the mid-8os Golden Age of MTV.

Francois Peglau – “Terminal”
Set Acústico
from Concierto Cable in Mexico
It’s no secret that we love Francois Peglau’s music. He recently spent some time down in Mexico, chilling and recording. This is a sweet little number he pulled together with his makeshift band of fellow musicians from Mexico City. Francois is now in Portugal, and who knows what new material he’ll generate. Check out other cool acoustic sets on Concierto Cable here.


Apparently, the label “indie rock royalty” doesn’t have much cachet. Read about Grizzly Bear’s surprising lack of financial success in Vulture. The question that’s out there dangling: Who is their manager?

The metal band, Baroness, was involved in a terrible bus accident whilst touring through the UK. Read the first hand account of the accident and intense recovery period of the band by front man, John Dyer Baizle posted at Stereogum. It’s at once horrifying and amazing.



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