Afternoon Edition: 03-Oct-2012

Fook! we didn’t think we’d have this much to share, but we do. So here’s your afternoon edition! Tracks from Lillian Todd Jones, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Teen Daze, Woodpecker Woolliams; plus videos from Die Mason Die, Lillian Todd Jones, Menomena, and Thus:Owls.


Lillian Todd Jones – “Butter Soul”
from to be announced
Apparently, Ms. Jones is working on an album and has a few songs to check out on SoundCloud. Something about Lillian reminds me of Fiona Apple, except Ms. Jones has a wild streak. Great indie pop sound drives this track. Peep the video below.

Saturday Looks Good To Me – “Sunglasses”
from Sunglasses 7″
out November 7 on Polyvinyl
They’ll be in Asheville (11/16) and Durham (11/17) shortly after the release of this single. This is the first batch of new songs the band has released since 2008. Pre-order the 7″ on blue vinyl / MP3 here.

Teen Daze – “Divided Loyalties”
from The Inner Mansions
out November 6 on Lefse Records
This is about as close to blissed out as chill wave gets. Great textures abound on this track.

Woodpecker Woolliams – “Gull” 
From The Bird School of Being Human
out now on Robot Elephant Records
Woodpecker Woolliams is “a one-woman experimentalist blending folk, drone, noise and found-sounds.” She dabbles with harp on this track, which is consistent with her theme of generating “stories of birds, murder and madness.” It’s not exactly terrifying, but the long ago tension I experienced while watching Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” has suddenly resurfaced. Check out her latest recording, Patroyska, on Bandcamp.


Die Mason Die – “Lost”
from debut EP
out 11/5
An absolutely haunting song, from Die Mason Die, a new band led by 19 year old Samuel Mason.  Despite his young age, Mason has lived a life. Born in Wales, Reared in Australia, and now to London.  ‘Lost’  is the first single under release.

Lillian Todd Jones – “Butter Soul”
Those eyes! They look right through you. Intense video, nice complement to this track.

Menomena – “Plumage”
from Moms
out now on Barsuk
I think I’d like hanging out with these guys. This video has a weird fight club vibe to it. Lots o’ costume changes…hence, the name plumage. Oh, and this album kicks ass. I had a laugh the other day when the kid on Sirius XM pronounced the band name as MEE-KNOW-MEE-NAH. Seriously, I am not evil.

Thus:Owls – “White Nights”
from Harbours
out now on Avalanche
Stunning video and song. A beautiful indie folk tune that does a good job of orchestrating piano and what sounds like a full string session.



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