Thedadada Fall Mix 2012

For your listening pleasure – click here to download ZIP file of gapless mix and album art.

1.   DUDES – Teenage Rebels (from Summer Vacation)
2.   Fang Island – Sisterly (from Major)
3.   The Cast of Cheers – Animals (from Animals)
4.   Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind (from A Different Ship)
5.   FAWN – Pixels (single)
6.   Exquisite Corps – Light as a Feather (from Exquisite Corps)
7.   Slam Donahue – Bug in the Sun (from Hemlock Tea)
8.   Mission of Burma – Dust Devil (from Unsound)
9.   Feedtime – Rock n Roll (from the Aberrant Years)
10. The Sea and Cake – On and On (from Runner)
11. Grizzy Bear – Yet Again (from Shields)
12. Olympic Ayres – The View (from Episode II)
13. Bark Bark Disco – No Lies, No Whys, and No Saying Byes (from Let’s Do This)
14. Menomena – Heavy is as Heavy Does (from Moms)
15. Bailterspace – No Sense (from Strobosphere)
16. Pinback – Proceed to Memory (from Information Retrieved)
17. Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti – Only in My Dreams (from Mature Themes)
18. Seapony – What You Wanted (from Falling)
19. Big Scary – Gladiator (single)
20. Brass Bed – Bullet for You (single)
21. A.C. Newman – Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns (from Shut Down the Streets)
22. We Were Born Canaries – Go Cold Turkey (from We Were Born Canaries)
23. Wowser Bowser – Winter Child (from Wowser Bowser)


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