Team Genius Prepared to Blitz with 3 EPs

This weekend, Team Genius partied down to celebrate the release of three EPs: Pop Songs, Loud Songs, and Whiskey Songs. The eight member group (that’s 8) out of Brooklyn is known for hard driving, effervescent live shows, and these EPs do nothing but support this reputation.

Pop Songs is aptly named. A solid four track EP that gets a lot of lift from 80s filled nostalgia of “Ronald Reagan’s Cousin”; the slow building indie pop on “Making Myths”; the Martha Quinn spinning, Tubes meets Donnie Iris flavor of “Home”; and the yearning dancefloor beats of “Love and Love Songs.”

Check out: “Making Myths”

Check out: “Home”

The EP, Loud Songs, also reflects name. It opens with the Celtic-inspired punk and psycho dance floor stuff  of “Everything’s Alright.” The surprise hit on the album is a cover of Plastic Bertrand’s 70s hit “Ça Plane Pour Moi”, which jumps into the ears and reverberates right through the skull. Not to be outdone, “All Ours” and “This is Stupendous” are raucous party anthems that demand replay.

Check out: “All Ours”

The three track EP, Whiskey Songs is a bit of a balance between the other releases. It’s edgier rock with pop leanings, building off Team Genius’s strengths: weaving together solid melodies with danceable grooves. “Seven Years” uses familiar Celtic-rock roots to stir the soul to a frenzy. “Chase You Down” is a well developed pop song in the vein of “Twin Cinema” era New Pornographers. The EP closes with the unapologetic, “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing.”

Check out: “Chase You Down”

It’s a bold move, but these three EPs belong together. Pop SongsLoud Songs, and Whiskey Songs are available today. You’ll get a great introduction to the band and excellent preparation for the upcoming LP, New York Songs, available November 6th from Paper Garden Records. You can stream all three EPs on Bandcamp or purchase all three while pre-ordering New York Songs via the web store at Paper Garden Records.



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