Consider These: 02-Oct-12

Some of the latest streams, MP3s and videos we like from the inbox and beyond. New tracks from Black Moth Super Rainbow, City Brat, City Reign, Hailer, Oh Minnows, and The Rest.

Did you see we posted a Fall Mix today? Go get it.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Gangs in the Garden”
from Cobra Juicy
out October 23 on Rad Cult
Another “juicy” track with an insane groove. Stoked for this release.

City Brat – “Savage Friends”
from Strange Summer EP
out now
Brooklyn by way of Wisconsin, City Brat is the world electro pop solo project of Jason Grad. “Savage Friends” is a fun tune that’s guaranteed to lighten up your mood.

City Reign – “Ahead of Ideas”
from Another Step
out November 5 on Car Boot Records
Just a spectacular single from this Manchester (UK) based quartet. Starts off like some cousin of a Smiths’ song and then just explodes like something off of Radiohead’s “The Bends” or Doves’ “Last Broadcast.” This song has a high replay factor, simply because there is so much to it.

Hailer – “Spooky Clams”
from  Another Way
out February 2013 on Laughing Outlaw
The Australian band offers the first single from their upcoming second album. Apparently, production was delayed due to a “shagging” incident. Love to know what position Pete Beringer was attempting when he dislocated his shoulder (no kidding here). Anyway, Nick Stumpf (Caveman, French Kicks, Coke Weed) from NYC pulled it together in the mix, and we have this nugget to share.

The Rest – “Hey! For Horses”  (maybe NSFW?)
out now
Speaking of shagging… so this video depicts paper puppets doing it in a barn, maybe NSFW, definitely not for kids. It’s pretty frenetic and the end leaves you wondering how they managed to stay together. You can get the single free on Bandcamp. Purchase the whole album here.

Oh Minnows – “Hurry” (single)
out November 5 on Young & Lost
A solid synth pop single that continues the run this band began when they released For Shadows last year.



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