Friday Free Feature: Two From Nadine Carina

On the The Tape Sessions, Nadine Carina prefers to remain simple, stark and staid while singing into an analog tape recorder. Let this young Liverpudlian songstress and her guitar entertain you on a quiet evening or Saturday afternoon while you prepare the evening dinner. It’s sure to please, whenever you choose to listen to it.

If you’re into something more experimental, check out her latest release, Little Bits. It’s full of found sounds and odd rhythms. It will appeal to those who prefer their music a little weirder than most. Carina serves up bits of freak-folk with a healthy dash of dream pop to sate your music hunger.

In either case, you come out a little better having discovered this delightful siren.

Check out: “Dear Friends” from The Tape Sessions

Check out: “Only For You” from The Tape Sessions

Check out: “Paradise” from Little Bits

Check out: “A Different Face Everyday” from Little Bits

Download/Stream: “The Tape Sessions”

Download/Stream: Little Bits (EP)

Follow Nadine Carina:
Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web

Happy Friday!


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