Biscuits & Gravy Volume 3

The Biscuits and Gravy mixes are the results of “leftover” promotional mp3s from past mixes. For one reason or another, these mp3s didn’t fit onto a mix at the time of release. The mp3s sit on a hard drive, all alone until they are united with mp3s who have suffered a similar fate. These tracks are ready to make you sing out loud, dance, ponder your existence, and prevent you from smashing in your dashboard on that long commute to work. Download it, burn to CD, load it on your audio device, do what you want, but most of all enjoy this little bit of biscuits and gravy for the soul.

Biscuits & Gravy 3
A mix of promotional mp3s
featured on and other music blogs
Tracks from 2008-2011
ripped @ 320 kbps

Download all files in one zip


1.Slacker – Psychic Mesa
2.Birdheart – Demon
3.Pajama People – Human
4.Eight And A Half – Scissors
5.Kuhn – Quiet Nights
6.Cate Le Bon – Puts Me Work
7.Damien Jurado – Nothing is the News
8.Death Grips – Culture Shock
9.Kurt von Stetten – Codify
10.Francois Peglau – Lonesome Cafe
11.Dad Rocks! – Nothing Keeps Up
12.Pat Jordache – Phantom Limb
13.The Great Afternoon – Science Fiction
14.Work Drugs – License to Drive
15.Lissy Trullie – Don’t To Do
16.Brown Shoe – Colt Rider
17.Blessed Feathers – Stinging Nettle
18.The Notwist – Boneless
19.Howler – Back of Your Neck

Download all files in one zip



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