Consider these: 09.22.12

Diving back into the inbox to unearth some gems. Some streams and videos for you to consider.

Dark Horses – “Alone”
from Black Music
out October 29, 2012
on Last Gang Records
This single has an eerie, noirish feel before it weirds out like something from Dr. Who. Love it!

Mr. Fogg – “Tightrope”
from Eleven
out now on Kicking Ink/Kompact
When is the last time a flugelhorn made you tap your feet and want to gyrate? This will. Pick it up for  the price of an email here, or just wait until 10/1 for the single’s release.

MS MR – “Dark Doo Wop”
from Candy Bar Creep Show
out now on Creep City
For a minute, this is like watching my parents’ wedding videos, but then the song kicks in and it gets all dark and stuff. Then it is definitely not my parents’ wedding. It’s like Neko Case gone creepy, and that’s surprisingly good.

Mock & Toof – “My Head”
from Temporary Happiness (date pending)
Electronic house grooves hook you, and the video will captivate you.


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