Blogophilia 39

It’s back! Personal faves include tracks from pacificUV, Cat Power, Camouflage Lodge, Free Swim, The Blakes, Railbird, and Tropical Punk. That stated, I dig the whole mix… So go ahead and blow your eardrums out!

Blogophilia 39
A mix of promotional mp3s from The Dadada and other music blogs
Ripped @ 320kbps/VBR
Play gapless
Download all files in one zip


1.Grassfight – Look Homeward, Heathen
2.pacificUV – Faded Love
3.Cat Power – Ruin
4.Trails and Ways – Mtn Tune
5.Camouflage Lodge – Seance on the Beach
6.Free Swim – Vuvuzela Venezuela
7.Germany Germany (ft. Kotomi) – With You
8.My Great Ghost – Means to an End
9.Teen – Electric
10.The Blakes – Art of Losses
11.The Suits – Write Off
12.King of Spain – Motions
13.Belle Mare – The City
14.Railbird – Jump Ship
15.Lodus Dei – Birds & Grass
16.Kaia – The Night Was On To Me
17.Francisco The Man – Tiger
18.The Raveonettes – Observations
19.Videotape – Between Me You
20.Tropical Punk – Dreams Out West

Download Blogophilia 39



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