Francois Peglau drops new videos, shares news

Francois Peglau is transitioning between capping off his last album, The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau, and recording a new album. We have a bit from each to share today.

First, Francois recorded the last video for the song, “Everybody Loves Me,” just recently. The setting is New York City, and clearly Francois is having fun with folks in the street. It must have been a trip to record that video. Luckily, New Yorkers are generally congenial when the camera flips on, and they cooperate by hamming it up.

Watch: “Everybody Loves Me”

Download/Stream: “Everybody Loves Me”

Peglau also shares his latest recording, “Mariachi Salvation,” which will make it’s way on an upcoming recording in the near future (likely early 2013). Peglau messes with a Mariachi guitar while a synthesized bass line and backbeat chirp provide rhythm. It’s a dreamy escape to Mexico, and a departure from the 60’s Brit pop that so heavily influenced his last album. Peglau continues to expand his sonic palette and proves that his “pop chops” are impeccable.

The video was recorded in Spanish, which somehow makes the track even dreamier. It was shot in Mexico, and again, features clips of Peglau and his mates traversing the streets of Mexico City and Texcoco. Francois appears to have more fun than anyone I know. Good for him!

Watch: “Salvación Mariachi” [mp3 for Spanish version]

Purchase/Stream: “Mariachi Salvation” (English)

We’ll keep you posted on Francois’ latest album as it develops.



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