The DIY Corner: 09.06.12

the mobile recording studio of Dadada faves, Jane Jane Pollock

DIY material from Passenger Peru, the return of Nolan Smock, check out the smoothed out sounds of Sanford Black, meet Travas Hunter, and Clif returns as Weak Soul Patch with an entire re-recording of “The Paper Chase.”

Meet: Passenger Peru

Passenger Peru has gumption, moxie, spirit… name your euphemism for persistence and awareness. They are in the process of completing a new album, which will be released on September 25. The self-titled debut was written and recorded over the course of a year, from the basements of Brooklyn to the tranquil foothills of the Alaskan wilderness. Passenger Peru cites Yo La Tengo, Brian Wilson and early Animal Collective as influences.  The duo features Justin Stivers (bassist on The Antlers album “Hospice”, Pet Ghost Project) and multi-instrumentalist Justin Gonzales. Their sound is at once atmospheric and earthy. So dance around the fire and get your tribal urges out.

Check out: “Heavy Drugs” [mp3]

Nolan Smock returns with “Bus Stop GRRL”

Last month we featured Charming Youngster’s front man and Dadada fave, Nolan Smock. Nolan recently posted the track “Bus Stop GRRL” to SoundCloud. Apparently, it was recorded a very long time ago with another artist, Sanford Black.  It has a neo-R&B groove that I like and it’s very different than anything else Nolan’s posted.

Check out: “Bus Stop GRRL”

Sanford Black

While you’re at it, why don’t you peep something from Sanford Black. It’s best to let the track “Motion” bleed into “Clouds” (posted below). It’s very nice ambient, electronic stuff with hip hop currents:



Travas Hunter

Travas Hunter is a singer/songwriter here in Greenville. A singer and guitarist, he works with two bands, High-n-Risin’ (a folk rock act with Bluegrass leanings) and the newly formed, Redhorse Black (a folk rock act with Motown leanings). He’s also wont to locking himself in a room for a weekend and recording material.  Sometimes recording gets a little spontaneous, like throwing a mic out when the train goes by or when the random thunderstorm happens to occur during one of his practice sessions. It’s always fun for Travas, who has a real zeal for entertaining and making good music.

He uses a Tascam digital 8-track to record his material, some of which has worked its way into sets for H-n-R. We selected a couple of recordings to share today. Check ’em:



The Return of Weak Soul Patch

An update of the original (check out the full history here). I have to give props to Craig (aka CL Cucumber), who played this song with me several times and encouraged me to think about it differently. Now it’s a full “band” recording instead of a singer-song writer approach. Well not really, it’s just me playing bunch of instruments. The beat is supplied by my Roland D-10.

I have yet to record a full song on my recently purchased, Boss BR-1200. The manual is really cumbersome. I’ve messed with it and will attempt a recording of a new song soon.

This re-recording was initiated on my Tascam DP-004 (a digital 4 track) and then transferred and “mastered” (I use that term loosely) on Garageband. I finally used the midi function on Garageband, and that’s the keyboard chords you hear pounding throughout the song. Check it out, and please share your feedback (good or bad).

“The Paper Chase” version 2

Hey DIY artists! submit something to info, subject: DIY. Cheers…


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