Friday Free Feature: Mirror Mode – “Veils” EP

Dan Wakefield and Allen Taylor are Mirror Mode, an electronic experimental outfit out of Atlanta. Released late last year, the Veils EP is sonically complex with subtle rhythms, drone, and dreamy vocal textures. Wakefield and Taylor toured recently with Lockett Pundt (Lotus Plaza) pulling double duty as Mirror Mode and then as members of the touring band for Lotus Plaza. Those familiar with Lotus Plaza will find Mirror Mode a bit more atmospheric, floating above everything in their rich soundscapes.

In May 2012, the Mirror Mode also released the Monochrome EP, which is available as a pay-what-you-want release.

Check out: “Loops” from Veils

Check out: “Bring Me The Sun” from Veils

Download/Stream: Veils EP

Download/Stream Monochrome EP



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