The DIY Corner: 08.25.12

Back with the DIY corner and we have submissions from NYC indie outfit, Hooves; the bedroom electronica of Idol Eyes; Larabee’s surf music; and the bedroom folk of Juliano Zuca.

Remember, if you’re interested in submitting your DIY and bedroom recordings please drop a note to info<at> Remember to mention a bit about your set up, recording process, and anything else you feel is pertinent. Feel free to send photos of you or your set up.


Hooves is a NYC electronic indie band. They are familiar to our readers, as their 2011 EP, “Minimus”, was featured last August. Their new single is “Ocean”.

Hooves’ recordings are entirely DIY; recorded, mixed and produced through Garageband. On “Ocean”, some samples are used, but the majority of the song was recorded in band leader Dan Kolpin’s college dorm room using an acoustic guitar, a Microkorg XL synthesizer, and a condenser microphone. Kolpin found the drum sounds online, and then played the sounds through midi via Garageband. He also used the tried and true method of hitting the back of an acoustic guitar for background percussion. The lead guitar line was composed using a couple of notes that were spliced and rearranged on the computer. There is a sample of crowd banter and a newscaster speaking from a 1950’s cold war propaganda video Kolpin found on YouTube. It’s clear that Dan took great care in creating this track, as its intricacies abound.

Check out: “Ocean”

Download/Stream: Minimus EP (free download)

Idol Eyes

Idol Eyes is a DIY musician from Tempe,AZ who tells us that his work, “toes the line between maximalist pop and minimalist drone.” Forming his ideas through sound collage, he gradually shaped songs through subtle pop and doses of electronics. This is great headphone material.

We’re told that ZAIZHONGGUO was recorded with a turn table, two midi synths, a tape recorder, an iPhone, and a cheap guitar tuned to “new standard tuning.” It was mixed using Ableton and Audacity.

Check out: “Space & Visibility”

Stream/Purchase: ZAIZHONGGUO


Larabee‘s 2o11 recording, Expose a Little Wire, had roots in power pop and alt. country. The single, “Sunset Drive”, turns to surf music for inspiration. Recorded on Pro Tools SE with M-Audio Fast Track and a Blue Spark Microphone, this is the first track Larabee recorded and mixed on his own since acquiring recording equipment.  Mixed on a borrowed pair of KRK Rokit 8 inch monitors and mastered at Full Circle Mastering in Philadelphia, the track was written and recorded with less than three takes on each instrument.

Larabee was fortunate to have the assistance of Jim Callan, a fantastic pedal steel player who performed on Marissa Nadler’s last album. Topher Horner ably serves as the bass guitarist on this track.  For a limited time, readers can download the track from the Bandcamp page for a “name your price” option.

Check out: “Sunset Drive”

Juliano Zuca

Julian Zuca is our true bedroom artist today. From Brazil, his real passion is writing and developing songs, “not necessarily singing/playing them.” He has a strong interest in soundtrack recording. He refers to his setup as “a half-ass PC (with an average soundboard), a nice Behringer mixtable and a pair of SM-57 Shure mics.”

He has bunch of recording on his SoundCloud page. We were especially intrigued by the developing EP, A Secret Still Untold. On SoundCloud he includes the idea sketches as well as fully formed tracks.

Check out: “Eurostar”

Check out: “Cloud Leaven–Heavy Skyline”

Check out: “Cloudy Leaven-Heavy Skyline” (first sketch)

Hope you enjoyed it… Artists, keep the DIY submissions coming!


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