Friday Free Feature: Violet – MELTS

MELTS is a collection of droning, ambient recordings assembled by Baltimore-based Violet (Rachel Asher).  Violet’s music is vocal-based and effects laden; songs evolve with layers of vocal melodies and tones manipulated with various effects pedals and audio processors.  This approach produces an array of sounds ranging from phasing, nebulous, and gaseous (I live here) to haunting, elegant, ceremonial (grown) to spacey, ethereal (wet eyes).  ‘lovers’ is built on a pulsating chorus of echoes that introduces a melancholy and desperate vocal that evokes lost love. ‘gasping’ transforms a cacophonous jumble of audio into a cybernetic expression of surprise.  Lots of interesting compositions on MELTS – which is available as a free download on bandcamp.

Check Out: lovers [mp3]

Check Out: grown [mp3]

Watch: Lick Yr Wounds

Stream/Download: MELTS


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