Pick Up On: The Invisible Cities

Based in San Francisco and occasionally migrating to NYC, The Invisible Cities formed in 2001. The band has developed a serious following in the Bay Area, winning “Best Indie Pop Band” in the 2005 San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Reader Poll. They are set to drop Meet the Lampreys, a 10-song recording that clocks in at a crisp 25 minutes.

The new album is ripe with anti-folk mentality: wry observations, self-deprecation, and all-too-common situations are at the heart of it. Videos from the EP are quirky and funny with a DIY feel, giving the sense that this band knows how to have fun. The Invisible Cities feed you lean, edgy pop tunes without tons of sugar or artificial sweeteners, making it easy for you to come back for seconds.

Be sure to stop by their Bandcamp page to review the new album and the rest of their catalog.

Check out: “One Less Day of Hanging Around” (mp3)

Check out: “The Year of Living Backwards”

Check out: “Lampreys Aren’t Like That”

Watch: “Bulldozer”

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