Blogophilia 38

It’s been awhile, but it’s back. Our monthly music mix, Blogophilia, features tracks that were primarily offered as promotional mp3s in May and June. We highly recommend tracks from the Crocodiles, Fang Island, Two Wounded Birds, Twin Shadow, and Grand Resort. Plus, you have to hear the Fort Frances cover of Simon and Garfunkel‘s “The Only Living Boy in New York.”

As always, enjoy!

Blogophilia 38
Promotional MP3s featured on The Dadada and beyond
May – June 2012
Ripped @ 320kbps VBR
Download all in one zip

01 Endless Flower – Crocodiles
02 Featherbed – Shrouded Strangers
03 Holy Geometry – Blasted Canyons
04 Asunder – Fang Island
05 Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire – Hallelujah the Hills
06 Perfect Ten – Jaill
07 To Be Young – Two Wounded Birds
08 I Still Pull the Silver (from the Penny Drawer) – Jonathan Bryley
09 That Bird Has A Broken Wing – Sun Kil Moon
10 Five Seconds– Twin Shadow
11 Totally True – Violens
12 BC – Glaciers
13 Fat – WSP
14 Gloria – Virals
15 Touch of Evil – Villa Kang
16 Night Is Dark – Grand Resort
17 The Stars Above Looked So Bright and Green – Let’s Say We Did
18 Waves & Waves – Funeral Club
19 Venus In Chain – The Virgins
20 The Only Living Boy in New York – Fort Frances

Download all in one zip



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