Consider These: 08.13.12

Tracks from Holy Esque, The Last Dandies, Lord Huron, The Murlocs, We Are The Physics, Zebra and the Snake.

Holy Esque – “Tear”
Holy Esque is out of Glasgow, and “Tear” is a great burner of a tune. It just jumps into your ears and doesn’t let go. Their debut EP is on sale now, get it here.

The Last Dandies – “Kristine”
Hot electro pop from Mallorca. You’ll be high steppin’ in platforms before you know it. They’re on Bandcamp with a bit of edge and attitude.

Lord Huron – “Time to Run”
from Lonesome Dreams
out Oct. 9 on IAMSOUND
This release gives you a flavor of what to expect from Lonesome Dreams, which promises to be, “a joyous collision of Appalachian percussion, calypso guitars and infectious Western melodies, it’s the sound of a band with the world in their music and at their feet.”


The Murlocs – “Tee Pee”
from the Tee Pee EP
out Aug 31
Garage rock with a little southern flare. We are talking deep south–Australia in the state of Victoria, hailing from Geelong.

We Are The Physics – “Applied Robotics”
These guys are like Devo on amphetamines. Put this one on your workout mix. The single is out now and available through iTunes.

Discover: Zebra and Snake
Finnish synth pop trio offer up the lead single from Healing Music, which is out now. They also do a bang up job on OMD’s “Maid of Orleans.”

“Empty Love Song”

“Maid of Orleans” (OMD cover)

Weak Soul Patch – “Fat”
Well, I (Clif) am doing the DIY thing under the Weak Soul Patch moniker again. This track is based off the short story “Fat” by Raymond Carver. You can read it here.  Feedback is welcome and appreciated.



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