Consider These: 08.09.12

Astronauts, etc. – “Mystery Colors”
Quiet dream pop that is introspective, but not whiny like Bon Iver. Sorry, I’m feeling a bit snarky today. Astronauts, etc is Anthony Ferraro out of Berkeley. He is releasing Supermelodic Pulp on September 8th. Check out the video below.

Dots Will Echo – “I’m A Monkey”
from Drunk Is The New Sober / Stupid Is The New Dumb
out NOW
There is a lightheartedness that infects the music of Dots Will Echo. They cite AC/DC and The Incredible String Band as influences. The New Jersey-based duo released Drunk Is The New Sober / Stupid Is The New Dumb on July 24.

Hogni – “Who’s Gonna Save You Now”
The most famous international artist from the Faroe Islands is set to release his fourth album, Con Man. There are two singles available as streams for the upcoming release. “Who’s Gonna Save You Now” is straight up electro-punk, and is a sharp contrast to the slow burner, “Under Streetlights” (video below). The pair of singles come from his upcoming album, Con Man.

The Royal Concept – “Naked & Dumb”
Swedish act that will appeal to fans of the French band, Phoenix. Their self-titled debut album is out now.

Wake Up Lucid – “Feel It”
title track from their debut LP
out 8/7
Time wake up and kick ass! LA’s Wake Up Lucid create drum bashing fuzz metal that just makes you want to throw a chair or mosh with your co-workers. However, you better contain these urges, because the rent won’t pay for itself.


Astronauts, etc – “Mystery Colors”

Hogni – “Under Streetlights”

The Royal Concept – “Gimme Twice”


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