The New 08.07.12

The Sea and Cake – Harps [mp3] (from Runner, out Sept 18thon Thrill Jockey Records)
Lushness from dream-pop originators Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt.  In follow-up to 2011’s The Moonlight Buttergly, Sam Prekop continues to experiment with synthesizer/sequencer based foundations that provide a canvas for further experimentation that is only complete after the players in The Sea and Cake all have a chance at “finding” latent elements within the song.

Exquisite Corps – Light as a Feather [mp3] (from Exquisite Corps, out now)
Superb boy/girl chamber pop from Sacramento, consisting of vocals, guitar, cello, drums, and viola – absolutely sublime.

Maserati – The Eliminator [mp3] (from Maserati VII, out fall on Temporary Residence Limited)
Athens, GA post-rockers continue to refine their sound; this track has all the aloof energy of a monster hurricane.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Dear Believer (Timmy The Terror Remix) [mp3] (original version from Here, out now on Vagrant Records)
Timmy Anderson of Ima Robot takes on Edward Sharpe, remixing Dear Believer under the guise of Timmy the Terror.

Bailterspace – No Sense [mp3] (from Strobosphere, out Aug 21st on Fire Records)
New Zealand/NYC jagged/atonal noise rockers offer up their first set of new recordings in 13 years. ‘No Sense’ is powerful and melodic while maintaining the trademark dissonance of Bailterspace and the instantly recognizable gruff vocals of Alister Parker.

Crystal Castles – Plague [mp3] (from upcoming record, out soon)
Turgid, panicked, and misshapen an electronic track as there ever was.

The Mountain Goats – Cry for Judas [mp3] (from Transcendental Youth, out Oct 2nd on Merge Records)
Transcendental Youth is the fourteenth studio album by The Mountain Goats. Purportedly, the album is loosely based on a group of people living in Washington state.  While that sounds quite mundane, this lead single suggest quite the contrary – a rough-and-tumble rouser that employs playful guitar and horns, the song celebrates survival and ramshackle perseverance.

Lymbyc Systym – Prairie School [mp3] (from Symbolyst, out Sept 18thon Western Vinyl)
Instrumental electronic music from two brothers based in Tempe, AZ; the bucolic title divulges a sacred, earthy disposition within the music.

Bear Mountain – Two Step [mp3] (from xo, out today)
Reminiscent of M83, Vancouver electro-pop/dance ensemble that blend “syncopated bass, arpeggiated synth, live instrumentation, and soaring vocals”, citing “Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party” among their influences!


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