Discover: Rebecca Brandt

Brooklynite Rebecca Brandt is a classically-trained pianist and composer that blends elements of modern, classical, and electronic music.  A 2009 graduate of NYU (Music Composition and Film Scoring), she lists Phillip Glass, Maurice Ravel, and Mark Mothersbaugh (of DEVO) among her influences.

Her debut album Numbers & Shapes contains 14 tracks that showcase her talents on piano, mallets, and percussion. The album was recorded with a multitude of excellent players and incorporates diverse instrumentation, including string quartet, woodwinds, electric guitars and snythesizers.  The compositions on Numbers & Shapes are fresh, unique, and engaging. Rebecca claims inspiration from numbers, patterns, shapes, contours, and builds in her rendering of the songs.

Stylistically, the album runs the gamut from post-rock (‘Blackbox’, ‘Rouge’) to ambient (‘Other Places’) to modern classical (‘Phylum’ ‘The Twelve Tones’).  The opening track ‘Staying Silent’ builds on gentle piano triplets, but introduces flute melodies and propulsive drumming to move the song along.  In general, the use of drum-kit provides a hard-edge rock ‘n’ roll sound on many of the tracks – a good decision and nice touch.  The song ‘Run’ includes transcendent piano riffs and a bouncing bassline that builds tension, suggests chase, and rewards the listener with the relief of a close escape. ‘The Clock Breaks at Three’ is an intriguing piece built around minor chords. ‘54’ is a bass-heavy, western-tinged ditty, and ‘Aline’s Song’ sounds like something from a movie score.  Numbers & Shapes is an excellent collection of songs – highly recommended.

If you’re in Brooklyn, stop by Galapagos Art Space on Friday, Sept. 21st to witness the album release show, which will employ a 15-piece ensemble to perform the album start to finish.

Check Out: Rouge [mp3]

Check Out: Run [mp3]

Stream/Download(name your price): Numbers & Shapes


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