Consider These: 08.02.12

A mix of streams and MP3s for your consumption from Birds & Batteries, John Cale, Julian Fulton & the Zombie Gospel, Menagerie, and Warm Speakers. Enjoy!

Birds & Batteries – “The Golden Age of Dreams”
from Stray Light
out 8/7/12
Experimental indie pop out act out of San Francisco.  This time they’re channeling XTC.

John Cale – “I Wanna Talk 2 U”
from Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood
out 10/1 on Domino/Double Six

It’s amazing that Cale is still relevant, while Lou Reed moans tunes with the identity-confused, Metallica.

Julian Fulton & the Zombie Gospel – “Lie”
from Hearts & Arms
out now on Bandcamp
There is a lot of good energy on Hearts & Arms, mixes blues, experimental pop, soul, and rock, creating an invigorating, intriguing EP.

Menagerie – “Menagerie LP” (out now)
A five piece band out of Adelaide (South Australia) that will remind you a bit of Grizzly Bear. You can grab the Menagerie LP as well as a collection of tracks entitled, “We’ll Call Upon Her Tongue” on their SoundCloud page.

“Cut Off Your Hands”

“In the House”

Race Horses – “My Year Abroad”
from Furniture
out 9/10/12
If you pine for the old days of New Wave, Race Horses’ “My Year Abroad” will tap into the vein very easily. It’s as if New Order and Tears for Fears had offspring.

Warm Speakers“Is This Life”
from Worry Not Lonely
out 8/15
It’s very rare that chill wave grabs me, but Warm Speakers does it. Long Island’s Patrick Berlinquette proves that he’s synth force, and he’s not afraid to open up the pipes and sing too. You can download three tracks from the upcoming release Worry Not Lonely on Bandcamp.



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