Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 07.29.12

In this edition: Introducing the dream pop duo, Belle Mare; consider tracks from A Band Called Mondrian, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Freelance Whales, Tame Impala, and Versives; and videos from Andrew Bird, Black Lips, and Drop Electric.

Discover: Belle Mare

The eerie dream pop of Belle Mare features the haunting vocals of Amelia Bushell and the instrumental compositions of Thomas Servidone. Based in Brooklyn, the duo currently have three singles freely available on Bandcamp.

The tracks are spacious and simple, and will appeal to fans of Mazzy Star and Beach House. The ethereal and poetic, “The Boat of a Fragile Mind,” floats along like a bottle on the sea at night.”The City” is a bit brighter, yet reflective as Bushell plays yearning 60’s pop chanteuse backed by what sounds like disembodied backing voices, while “So Long” is a melancholy, yet resolute, departure song.

Belle Mare will be performing with Grand Resort, Four Visions, and Napoleon on Sunday, August 5th at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.

Check out: “The City”

Free Download/Stream: “The Boat of a Fragile Mind”

Free Download/Stream: “So Long”

Follow Belle Mare: Facebook | Bandcamp

Consider these:

A Band Called Mondrian – “Euphoria”
The debut single from Mondrian’s fifth EP; Tea Boy, Dry Biscuits & Roller Disco Beat, finds the band going electronic. “Euphoria” is snappy and tight. There’s a good chance you’ll want to shake your thang. Check out the entire album on Bandcamp.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Windshield Smasher”
This is the second preview single from the upcoming Cobra Juicy, allegedly due out October 9. It’s groovy… kind of what you’d expect without feeling that it’s a retread. Has the makings of a keeper, based upon our limited sampling. You can pre-order the album through their Kickstarter.

Freelance Whales – “Locked Out”
Freelance Whales announce their new album, Diluvia, scheduled for release on October 9th. “Locked Out” is the first single from the album. It has a lot of sonic depth, akin to Arcade Fire, which piques our interest for what’s next. Pick up the mp3 for “Locked Out” for an email address, here.

Tame Impala – “Elephant”
The Aussie rockers will release Lonerism on October 5 in Australia, October 8 in the UK/Europe, and on October 9 in the US. The fuzzy guitars and bouncy bass are back, but “Elephant” shows a bit of growth, as it drives down the highway in cruise control before taking off into space. It doesn’t jump off the speakers like “Solitude is Bliss”, but its steady driven by a great groove.

Versives – “Two Enemies”
Formed in 2007, Versives is an electronic rock band based in Cork, Ireland. “Two Enemies” is the title track from their latest single b/w a Ciarán O’ Shea remix of “All In Arrival.” You can pick it up here.

Videos, videos, videos

Andrew Bird – “Give It Away”
Frome the new album, Break It Yourself.

Black Lips – “NOC-A-HOMA”
Growing up on Cape Cod, NOC-A-HOMA had a completely different meaning. It was often heard uttered at Cape League games. A kitschy little number from one of our favorite garage bands.

Drop Electric – “Empire Trashed”
This a very ambitious single that borders on majestic in its sonic palette. Video directed by Patrick Ryan Morris.



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