FRIDAY’S FREE FEATURE NUMBER THREE!!!!!!!!!!: Free Swim – “She Dreams in Lights”

Our third free feature today (don’t get used to this, we were lucky to have three very good picks today) comes from Free Swim, led by Paul Coltofeanu (UK). This is Free Swim’s fourth EP in less than two full calendar years, and it’s probably the best work to date from Free Swim, who’ve made a quick career out of recording wonky, complex stories about Panda Bear guides and “Bromances”, among other topics. She Dreams In Lights squelches the tongue-in-cheek that pervaded past EPs, and focuses largely on the sonic qualities and musicianship.

The entire recording  focuses om a series of vignettes that involve a mythical woman or maybe many mythical women (I like to think the former), as she revisits her past, lays supine in a coma, revisits Free Swims’ past reveries on “Vuvuzela Venezuela”, gets a little “action” to satisfy her soul, and becomes the subject of speculation about her immediate future.

The result is the most balanced and complex recording produced by Free Swim to date. Some of these are little bit of interpretation on my part, but that’s what’s fun about Free Swim. The vague allusions mean that you don’t have to be explicit.

Check out: “Records in the Basement”

Check out: “Vuvuzela Venezuela”

Download Free Swim’s She Dreams in Lights at Bandcamp.

Happy Friday evening!


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