Friday Free Feature: Lodus Dei – “Rotations”

Lodus Dei is a hip hop duo out of Boston. Released yesterday, Rotations is the fourth album from Lodus Dei, recorded in their studio just outside of Fenway Park. It’s their strongest release to date, powerful in its imagery and subject matter. Boomslang and Nicholas Crow (aka Latanzi, Supertanzi) demonstrate the lyrical flow of seasoned street veterans, delivering deeply personal stories and biting social commentary. Crow also doubles as the duo’s beat and sample master, adeptly sampling jazz grooves and obscure beats. We preview a few of our favorite tracks, but the album is solid from start to finish.

The smooth intro and light jazz opening of “Birds & Grass” stands in contrast to its self-reflective and deeply intimate stories.  “Mulligan Shit” opens with a killer mish mash of samples before going into a full blown flow floating above jazzy piano and horns. “The Stupid Test” is an ice cold indictment on our obsession with pop culture and the absurdities it breeds; while the spirit of perseverance and hope pervade the positivity of “Goodbye Misery.”

Check out: “Birds & Grass”

Check out: “Goodbye Misery”

For fans of socially conscious hip hop, Rotations is a throw back album. For Lodus Dei, it represents crossing the threshold to maturity.

Preview all of Rotations here. Ge the free download here.

Happy Friday morning!


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