Discover: Log Across the Washer

Log Across the Washer is a solo project of Portland’s Tyler Keene. Keene’s experimental approach combines elements of freak folk and psychedelia. He just released Welcome to the Afternoon, his first long-play recording among a catalog of ten EPs and a single. Keene describes the album as a “minimal melodic ode to the textural sounds of 60’s free jazz.” This is an interesting inspiration and evident when examining Keene’s sonic palette.

The album is full of subtle percussion: tambourines, shakers, drums, and cymbals are played in and out of time. Guitars, horns and other instruments are used to improvise, solo, provide background noise, or just drive the melody. For example, the bleating of a saxophone on “Young Years Morning Death March” moves from background support to full blown free association. On vocals, Keene’s nasally howling is balanced with an easy falsetto that falls into Thom Yorke’s range at times. Songs range from the oddly beautiful, “Alice,” to the seven-minute psychedelic meltdown, “Jackson Bihler Eats Bubble Gum.”

Keene crosses the emotional volitility of Modest Mouse while pushing boundaries that John Lennon explored on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, The White Album, and Abbey Road. This is an album ripe with depth and controlled lunacy, and will surely garner repeat play for fans of experimental music.

Welcome to the Afternoon is available on Bandcamp, where you can name your price for it. While on the Bandcamp site, consider checking out the other releases from Log Across the Washer.

Check out: “Alice”

Check out: “Shredding Heads Ov Baby Dolls”

Preview: Welcome to the Afternoon



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