Monday Considerations: 07.16.12

If you haven’t figured it out, we’ve been on vacation and haven’t had much time to write (but I am listening to tons of stuff, thanks to the old inbox). Well, it’s catch up time… lots of stuff to review and post, so here’s a special Monday Considerations column.

Consider These

Let’s Go Safari – “BYOB”
“BYOB” is a bouncy summer track with a bit of an edge. Reminiscent of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Let’s Go Safari will put a pop in your walk.  The 7″ drops on 8/15.


Little Comets – “Jennifer” (Acoustic)
It’s not often that you hear a band use the word, “taciturn,” in a song. I guess tight lipped or poor communicator weren’t good fits. It’s a very good song, and Little Comets are a band you should consider getting to know.

The New Tigers – “I Have Been Replaced” (Top Sound cover)
7″ split with Top Sound
Swedish label mates, Top Sound and The New Tigers offer a 7″ split in which each covers the other’s material. You can here the original track here. Preview the split here. The New Tigers chill out the Bossa Nova sound of “I Have Been Replaced” by making a hazy, summertime cover of the Top Sound track. It will be released on July 23.


Panama – “Magic” (Midnight Magic remix)
Another Aussie band that makes easy, breezy synth pop. “Magic” is a great summer song. You can hear the original mix in the video below.

Oh yeah… it’s about to get all sexy up in here. GGB‘s Foolish Man has a slow, sexy groove that will make you want to turn down the lights and love the one your with. The UK outfit is out of North London and are offering this little piece of soul free.

Check out: GGB – “Foolish Man” (free d/l)

Videos, videos, videos…

As Elephants Are – “War Cry”

Bombay Bicycle Club – “Beg”

IO Echo – “When the Lilies Die”

Jeff the Brotherhood – “Sixpack”

The New Tigers – “Pocketful of Sand” at Luomustudio

Panama – “Magic”

We Are The Physics – “Goran Ivanisevic”


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