Rain from the Cloud 07.13.12

We Are the Physics – Goran Ivanisevic (from We Are the Physics Are OK at Music, out later this year)
Frenetic power pop celebrating the unlikely victory of Croatian tennis ace in Wimbledon 2001.

Tom Herman – Hearing Static (from OldSmile)
One man, one mic, one laptop, and a 40 minute cassette tape of his parents, grandfather, and friends jamming and drinking.  ‘Hearing Static’ has his dad on drums and grandfather playing saxophone, and you can hear chatter in the background – a cool idea and very listenable & stylish results.  Some of the other tracks on the albums have excerpts from the cassette tape – all feature Tom’s deadpan delivery and fuzzy pop sensibilities.

Clare and the Reasons – The Lake (from KR-51, out now)
Nice production and great vocals.

Barny Carter – Park (from forthcoming debut album, expected August 2012 on DryCry Records)
Extremely chill atmospheric electronics.


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