The New 07.03.12

Twin Shadow – Five Seconds [mp3] (from Confess, out July 10th)
Ten tracks of Neuvo wave from Twin Shadow slated to drop next week.

The Bilinda Butchers – Hai Bby [mp3] (from Goodbye, out August 28th)
Nostalgia pop from San Francisco duo that honor My Bloody Valentines singer as their namesake.

The Raveonettes – Observations [mp3] (from Observator, out Sept 11th on Vice)
Sunny retro-rockers appear to be completing their transition to the dark side; this piano-based tune is ominous with a tenuous and ethereal feel.

Larabee – Sunset Drive [mp3] (single)
A bright instrumental with surf guitar that’s perfect for your summertime playlist.

Waterlaso – Rosebell [mp3] (from A Dictionary of Sailing, out now)
A jaunty pop song that drifts on synth and peppy drumming, while suggesting yearning and day-dreaming – reminiscent of The Smiths, Silver Scooter, and Luna.

Butchers and BakersThe Cleaner [mp3] (from Count On, Count On, out now)
Brooklyn quartet: “Not a dream. Not a wave.”

Lightning Love Deadbeat [wav] (from Blonde, out August 28th)
Nifty keyboard riffs and endearing female vocals combine to rebuke some loser guy.

Erika Spring – Hidden [mp3] (from Erika Spring EP, out July 10th on Cascine Records)
Singer/keyboardist Erika Forster take some time away from her band mates in  Au Revoir Simone to explore synthesizer compositions, backed by Jorge Elbrecht (of Violens) on percussion and production.

Br’er – Sea of Doubt [mp3] (from City of Ice, out now)
Quirky Philly band – reminiscent of Destroyer (how often can you say that?)


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