The New 6.26.12

Mission of Burma – Second Television [mp3] ( from Unsound, out July 10th on Fire Records)
Either Robert Pollard is playing with re-united Boston band Mission of Burma or something strange is going on (… or both)

Get People – Grove [mp3] (from Harmonize EP, out July 2nd on Luv Luv Luv Records)
A chilled-out atmospheric piece from UK tribal snyth-pop band.

Ami Saraiya and the Outcome – Purging [mp3] (from Soundproof Box, out now on Grape Juice Records)
Hypnotic and uncultivated, Chicagoan Ami Saraiya delivers an obliging anthem of self-loathing.

Grassfight Look Homeward, Heathen  [mp3] (from Icon EP2, out July 24th)
Hailing from the musical enclave of Denton, TX, 3-piece Grassfight make dense and dark post-rock with punchy, Interpol-ish bass; atmospheric, chiming guitars; and fuzzy, gravedigger vocals.

Jen Schande – I Really Like Sonic Youth and I Really Want to Have Sex with You [mp3] (from 19: Songs for and Inspired by Valencia Chapter 19, out July 17th)
San Francisco art rock that mocks music nerds, while sounding like a roguish Sonic Youth with snarky chick vocals.

Purity Ring – Fineshrine [mp3] (from Shrines, out July 24th on 4AD)
Sweet and distinctive indie electronic from Montreal.

Zulu Winter – Bitter Moon [mp3]( from Language, out now)
A little bit Coldplay and a little bit Crunk-n-Roll.


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