Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 06.24.12

In this edition: We get turned on by synthpop from Camouflage Lodge (aka Kevin Bendis), and the Brooklyn-based outfit, Tubetops. Plus videos!

GO GET: CamoUflage Lodge – “Old Haunts” EP

Camouflage Lodge is the solo project of Kevin Bendis, who also plays keyboards as part of the Brooklyn synth pop outfit, Tubetops. His debut EP, Old Haunts, was released last month. It is an ambitious, well crafted pop album that transports synth pop to the current era using bits of guitar riffs to complement his potent synth sounds. The entire EP is great, but we absolutely, love, love, love the blissed out conclusion of “Sub Cult Shore.” Bendis is offering the album free on Bandcamp.

Check out:

“Sub Cult Shore”

“Seance On The Beach”

DISCOVER: Tubetops

In some ways, this was unavoidable. While going over materials for Kevin Bendis/Camouflage Lodge, we also explored the band to which belongs, Tubetops; a synth pop band that describes its music as sex wave or sexy new wave. Their music is full of big beats, bassy synth chords, and a groove that’s unavoidable–you will want to move. You can name your price for their self-titled LP and the Warmer Still EP on Bandcamp. Suddenly, your summer just got better.

Check out:

“Woolgather” from Warmer Still EP


“Aquamarine” from Tubetops LP

“Mermaid Parade” (single)


Videos, videos, videos…

The Griswolds – “Heart of a Lion”
download a free mp3 of this track here

Milesmore – “Time the Killer”

Mindfish – “Can’t Control At All”

Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”

Warm Weather – “So Far/Vertigo”



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