Rain from the Cloud: 06.23.12

Rain from the Cloud features streamed mp3s on SoundCloud from Thom Bowden, Constant Supply, Heyward Howkins thenewno2, Swiss American Federation, and Venue. There’s also a killer remix of Kimbra’s “Settle Down” by the Aussie DJ outfit, Starfuckers. All of these tracks offer free mp3 downloads…enjoy!

Thom Bowden – “Nevermore”
from The Damage EP
on Sex Farm Records out 7/16 
Bowden’s gritty, affected vocals warble over a beautiful cacophony of multi-tracked guitars. It’s crunchy, old school rock material that will light a fire under you.


Constant Supply – “Crystal” (single)
The Irish duo offer this menacing single about love lost. It’s deliciously dark and sometimes droning, and the best of what we are featuring today. We’re keeping an eye out for what’s next from Constant Supply.

Heyward Howkins – “Spanish Moss”
from The Hale and Hearty out 6/26
pre-order on Bandcamp
This track is poetry with musical accompaniment. It’s easy to envision Howkins as the troubador in the town square.

Kimbra – “Settle Down” (Starfuckers DJ remix)
We’re not always fans of remixes, but this one is so hot. It’s perfect summer party tune. BTW–Starfuckers (not fucker) is an Australian DJ outfit, not the Portland-based indie electronica band.

thenewno2 – “Make It Home”
from thefearofmissingout out 7/31
on Hot Records 
Dhani Harrison is back and ready to demonstrate why he’s the best Beatle-kid. Determined to eliminate spaces between letters, thenewno2 unleash their trippy, psychedelic track, “Make It Home.” Past recordings from thenewno2 have been solid to very good, and we would anticipate the same given this preview. You can pre-order  thefearofmissingout now here.


Swiss American Federation – “Oxygen” (feat. Cary Brothers)
maxi-single via Looped Music
out 6/26
The producer DJ team Swiss American Federation (S.A.F.), comprised of Christian B and Marc Dold, are currently working out of their studio in Los Angeles. “Oxygen” is beautiful, atmospheric synthpop with an easy dance beat. S.A.F. is currently putting finishing touches on their first full-length album, Ghost*POP*Machine, which includes co-writes with Cary Brothers, Meiko, David Sterry (from 80’s band Real Life), Aurah and others.


Venue – “Desiréena” (single)
The LA-based electronica outfit unleash this tasty bit of synth pop for your ears, which sounds like a modern day Depeche Mode. Just shows what a little gumption and a DX7 will do for you. The track features Chris May on vocals.



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