Friday Free Feature: The Suits EP

Forming in 2011 at Fordham University, this Bronx-based outfit fuses elements of indie rock, jazz, and hip hop beats to create a super chill sound. The Suits feature Eddie Gore on vox and keyboards, Mike Sanz programming the drum machine and producing, and multi-instrumentalists Eric Grossman and Ian Grotton, who respectively play guitar and bass. On their debut EP, this quartet excels at make accessible pop songs that embrace melody, but reflect complexity. It’s as if the Shins and Radiohead spawned a pack of musicians with a penchant for synth pop and TR-808 beats.

Check out:
“Write Off”

Download/Stream: The Suits EP

Happy Friday! 


One response to “Friday Free Feature: The Suits EP

  1. Thanks for posting!
    I have to say, the suits band I know is this one:
    They are not very public, put ‘link only’ settings on their youtube, and perform at a house in East Harlem once a month (that Evan Shinners video comes up in the related section; he is the frontman of the band also called the suits.) They formed in 2009, put out two albums in 2010 and just released a half live/ half studio EP called USA. I wonder if you would be interested in posting about that? Then you could have TWO suits bands! Hooray!

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