The New: 06.19.12

Some “new” for you… forgive the loose interpretations, summer is here.

Bailterspace – “No Sense”
 from Strobosphere out 8/21

The deep melancholia of “No Sense” is buffered by an entrancing, drone of a guitar groove that will make you think you’re listening to a deep cut from an old psych rock album. We want to hear more.

Cat Power – “Ruin” (mp3)
from Sun out 9/4 on Matador 
She’s back! It’s been six years long years since Chan Marshall released an album. “Ruin” is a bit subdued, a bit bouncier than what we’ve come to expect, but it still whets the appetite. Bring it on…

Watch: “Ruin”


Height with Friends –
“I Can’t Stand to Be Refused” 

from Rock and Roll out 8/14

HWF’s hipster “hip hop” will have you licking your chops or wanting to sample the rhythm guitar lick that keeps turning like chicken at your favorite rotisserie place.

Kaia“The Night Was on to Me”
from Two Adult Women In Love out now

Kaia Wilson’s morning after party anthem is a delicious slice of freak folk. Definitely a candidate for your summer mix.

Tidelands – “The New Black”
from We’ve Got a Map out 8/7

Strong lyrics, a groovy (yep, groovy baby!) vibe, and a pervasive, crunchy guitar lick will help you reach nirvana while yearning for the visceral. Yep, we’re talking contrasts…Seriously, it’s groovy.



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