Thedadada Summer Mix 2012

Click here for a ZIP file with all tracks and cover art.

1. Modern Rivals – Defenstrate You (from Sea Legs EP)
2. A Lull – Summer Dress (from Meat Mountain EP)
3. Mr. Dream – What a Mess (from Fatherland EP)
4. Apollo Cobra – Feel Like It (from Motherland)
5. The Letterist – Five Alarm (from Solace and Gold)
6. Teen Daze – Fantasy (from EU Tour EP)
7. Spaceships – Crazy (from Spaceships EP)
8. Heavy Cream – John Johnny (from Super Treatment)
9. We Can’t Enjoy OurselvesYour Darkest Thoughts Will Shine
(from Make a Mess of Sacred Ground)
10. Lee Renaldo – Off the Wall (from Between the Times and the Tides)
11. HowthOnly Right Turns (from Newkirk)
12. VSP – Svenka Sauna (single)
13. The Mynabirds – Body of Work (from Generals)
14. Lightouts – Stray Boy (from The Big Picture)
15. Chocolate Robots – Young Luff (from PiZzA fAcE)
16. Birds & Batteries – Let the Door Swing (from Stray Light)
17. Baby Monster – City of Lovers (from City of Lovers)
18. Henry Clay People – Hide (from Twenty-five Forever)
19. Tango in the Attic – Easybones (from Sellotape)
20. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraWant It Back (single)
21. Radiation City – Find It of Use (from Cool Nightmare)
22. Lost Lander – Afraid of Summer (from DRRT)


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