It’s Monday: Back to Blogging Edition

Well, it’s been a week since our last post, and it was a nice break. We resume normal activities with a bouillabaisse of music and music news.

Consider These

Fast Romantics – “Funeral Song”
Despite the title, this is an exuberant track with jangle and power pop tendencies. It’s from the forthcoming Fast Romantics album entitled “Afterlife Blues.”

Patterns – “Blood” and “Induction”
Loads of atmosphere on this pretty pop tune. The single is out July 9 on Melodic.

“Induction” is an excellent piece of dreamy, drone pop. It’s out now, pick up the  7-inch here.

Lil’ Chief RecordsThese Shaky Isles Mixtape
New Zealand-based record label has a free sampler that’s worth grabbing. A great variety of indie rock, electronic, and pop music from some of the hottest acts coming out of Kiwi land. Some of our personal faves like The Eversons and Ruby Suns are featured alongside new-t0-us bands, Cool Rainbows, Pikachunes, The Reduction Agents and many others. Grab it at Bandcamp.

Check out:

The Eversons – “Could It Ever Get Better

The Reduction Agents – “Waiting For Your Love

T-E-E-D – “Stronger”
Nice dance floor groove that’s blowing up right now. Nice summer time track and you can purchase it today, as it was released this morning! Looking forward to more stuff from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur.


Videos, videos, videos…

Bad Veins – “Dancing on TV”
I like this act a lot. They make modern pop music that’s highly underrated and a have a flair for the artistic. They played Greenville this weekend and blew the roof off the Tipsy. Hope to see them again.  You should see them. Go get a free copy of “Dancing on TV” here.

Emorie – “Change”
New duo out of Canada. She sings and plays keyboards, he plays violins. “Change” is a mellow, melodic, electro-pop tune. Get the single here.

Spirit Animal  – “Lead!”
Couldn’t resist this oddball video from the NYC psychedelic pop rockers. You can preview more from Spirit Animal on their SoundCloud site.

Happy Monday! 


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