Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 06.03.12

In this edition: Massachusetts bands rule the day as we discover Speedy Ortiz, and consider albums from fellow Bay State bands: Grass is Green, Pile, and Sneeze. 

Discover: Speedy Ortiz

It’s funny, when the popular press reflects on the nineties, we’re inundated with images of Nirvana. Granted, Nirvana was the face of grunge, and Kurt Cobain’s death certainly left an indelible mark on the memories of many, but there’s a whole lost or ignored group of bands that disappear in the grunge shuffle. Bands like Polvo, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr, Helium and Superchunk (who someone finally likes–pardon the inside joke) who reveled in traditional rock arrangements and focused on  non-traditional themes and the ironies of life. Speedy Ortiz of Northampton, Massachusetts (near UMASS-Amherst, the spawning grounds of the Pixies) remembers and draws inspiration from these groups, and , as you’ll see later, they are not alone.

Sarah “Sadie” Dupuis fronts and plays  rhythm guitar for Speedy Ortiz. A Brooklyn transplant who played in the Brooklyn band, Quilty, before moving to western Massachusetts , she quickly immersed herself in her new found home. Just over a year ago, she teamed with Matt Robidoux (guitar), Mike Falcone (drums), and Darl Ferm (bass) contributing to a compilation, and then an EP. Their second EP, Sports,will be released on June 5. Preview and download first single, “Silver Spring”, below.

Check out: “Silver Spring”
from Sports (out June 5)

Back in March, Speedy Ortiz recorded and released the single, “Taylor Swift.” Tongue is firmly in cheek, as Dupuis imagines herself as the fair, princess of pop. Check it here:

“Taylor Swift”

Speedy Ortiz also played a studio set on WMBR‘s (MIT, Cambridge, MA) “Pipeline.” It’s a great introduction to the band, and a high quality recording. Stream the entire set here. We indexed the set with individual tracks here:

Download Speedy Ortiz on WMBR’s Pipeline:
1. Mark VI (Slut Life Compilation)
2. Taylor Swift (Single)
3. Speedy Ortiz (The Death of Speedy Ortiz)
4. Silver Spring (Sports EP)
5. Cutco (The Death of Speedy Ortiz)
6. Suck Buddies (Sports EP)
7. Indoor Soccer (Sports EP)
8. Hexy Sadie (The Death of Speedy Ortiz)
9. Curling (Sports EP)

Get The Death of Speedy Ortiz EP free [Bandcamp]

Again, look for Speedy Ortiz’s second EP, Sports, this Tuesday. We love their post-grunge approach, and look forward to their Greenville shows on June 25 and 26.

Consider These:

If you like Speedy Ortiz, you might like some of their Boston-area pals. These bands also share an affinity for grunge and post-grunge without sounding derivative. Many of these recordings are free or are at least pay-what-you-want prices.:

Grass is Green


“Ronson” (2012)

“Chibimoon” (2011)

“Yeddo” (2010)

–Follow Grass is Green: Facebook



“Big Web” Seven Inch (2011)

“Magic Isn’t Real” (2010)

“Jerk Routine” (2009)

–Follow Pile: Web



“I’m Going to Kill Myself” (2012)

“Grandma In the Trenches” (2011)



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