Friday Free Feature: Tracks from Grand Resort

Get ready for a jolt of jangle pop. Growing up in the Dominican Republican, Andrés Pichardo fell in love with the jangle pop and shoegazer sounds of the mid 1980s. Pichardo’s music is firmly rooted in this era, to the point that one would think he grew up in the UK and not the Caribbean. He moved to Massachusetts a few years ago and recorded his debut LP, Vanguard Dreams, which will be released this summer.

In February, Pichardo packed up to Brooklyn and began interning at a local record label. The fertile music scene benefited Pichardo’s music, as Grand Resort now performs as a four-piece. The band features Paul Laughrige on guitar, Rich San Luis (Telenovelas, Ghostless) on bass and Rony Bonilla on drums. Grand Resort has four tracks, and these are available free through Bandcamp.

Check out: “Ocean Liner”

Head to Bandcamp for the rest of this jangle pop goodness:


Happy Friday!


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