It’s Monday… 05.28.12

Here’s another assortment of tracks and videos to consider this Memorial Day.

Jonathan Byerley
“I Still Pull The Silver (From the Penny Drawer)”

The former Plates of Cake frontman channels his inner Knopfler/Dylan on this track. The delivery is priceless, and this is a taste of what’s to come on his new solo album, Catherine Market. Look for it on July 10th via La Société Expéditionnaire.

Glaciers – “BC”
Gorgeous dream pop from this quartet out of Melbourne, Australia. It’s a bit jangly and bright (several of today’s tracks are), and the perfect fit for your summer mix. You can download their set of demos free at Bandcamp.

Two Wounded Birds – “To Be Young”
This track has that hazy summertime feel with hooky surf guitar riff and springy backbeat. Their debut album drops on June 4 in the UK and June 24 in the US via Frenchkiss records.

Violens – “Totally True”
A dreamy jangle pop tune that recalls the C86 days. “Totally True” is off Violens new album True, out now on Slumberland Records.

The Dreaming Spires
“Not Every Song from the Sixties Is A Classic”

Power pop alert! A power pop tune that dares to question its lineage. Hmmm…

Chela – “Plastic Gun”
Melbourne’s pop princess stars in a video that recalls the halcyon days of MTV. You know… when they actually showed videos.

Videoing – “Night Watch”
Former Single Frame members Adreon Henry and Brendan Reilly combine with vocalist Jen Bradley to create dark, post-industrial madness. “Night Watch” and its accompanying video are outstanding.

Last week, I (Clif) shared the track, “Boxed Culture” which I wrote and recorded. Thanks to those of you who listened and downloaded it.

Today, I am sharing, “The Paper Chase” and “Love Struck Sap.” Each of which has a free download associated with it. “The Paper Chase” was written after witnessing a drug deal going down between a college-aged kid and a soccer mom. It happened at our local grocery store a couple of Sundays ago.  I tried to put myself in their shoes, and came up with a story. The mind will wander, plus I listen to too much NPR. “Love Struck Sap” is more silly than anything else. It’s me trying to emulate Buddy Holly, I guess.

Thanks to those who downloaded last week’s tune. Comments are encouraged and appreciated. This will be the last of my tracks I’ll post for awhile. Again, the blog is about new music and not me, but I dabble.




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