Discover: Jane Jane Pollock

Yeah, I know… We’re supposed to be enjoying the Memorial Day weekend with our families. However, we saw this great band last night, Jane Jane Pollock, and I am still floating after their closing performance at the Tipsy Teapot. The five piece outfit from Tallahassee tore it up.

Jane Jane Pollock was innovative, fun and extremely entertaining. Everybody played some type of percussive instrument at one point in the night. Percussive instruments included pots, pans, colanders, and other things that were hard to identify. They also mixed in trumpet, melodica, guitars, bass guitar, wandering genie organ, and two types of drum kits. It was an active and engaging set. If you weren’t moving some type of body part, you were probably dead or passed out. It was the type of dynamic that’s difficult to replicate in the studio. That stated, their self-titled LP does a great job of capturing it all, and worth grabbing on Bandcamp. You can also pick it up on vinyl at their shows.

They are wrapping a tour, playing Raleigh tonight at Kings Barcade, and then May 30 in New Haven, CT at BAR, June 1 at the Mercury Lounge in NYC, and then wrapping up on June 2 in Annapolis at Metropolitan. GO SEE THEM!

Check out:
Stuck On A Highway Island

Broken Christmas (live on GNC, 09.28.11)

Watch: “Leaving Madrid”

Watch: Band Interview with Angela Jones
(and Danny does shred the guitar like a m-fer)


Stream/Purchase: Jane Jane Pollock LP


Stream/Free Download: GNC Session from 09.28.2011



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