Biscuits & Gravy Volume 2

Here’s a fresh mix for Memorial Day Weekend.  This another mix of songs we liked but couldn’t fit on the monthly mix.

We’re taking a couple of days off to chill with our families and kick up our feet.


Biscuits & Gravy Volume II
A mix of surplus music goodness
from The Dadada
ripped @320 kbps VBR

download all files in one zip


1.Desert Stars – Boys I Like
2. Dive – How Long Have You Known
3. The Holiday Crowd – Never Speak Of It Again
4. Clare and the Reasons – The Lake
5. Each Other – Goosing Statues
6. Some Minor Noise – Some Minor Noise
7. Cow Parade Cow – The Road Is Beautiful Again
8. Natureboy – Pariah
9. Sonny & The Sunsets – Pretend You Love Me
10. Fresh & Onlys – Do What I Came To Do
11.Holograms – Hidden Structures
12. Sans Gras – Sun Come Up
13. Blacks& – The Race Is On
14. Beachwood Sparks – Forget the Song
15. Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band – 15 Warm Body
16. Fossil Collective – Power of Love
17. Grass Widow – Goldilocks Zone
18. Lux – Coroner’s Office
19.Father John Misty – Nancy From Now On
20.Orpheum Bell – Daddy’s Crying



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