The New 05.22.12

Coves – No Ladder [wav] (from Cast a Shadow EP, out May 28th on Cross Key Records)
Driving dream pop with waves of feedback and dulcimer hooks.  The lead single from the Cast a Shadow EP showcases the talents of singer Rebekah Wood and mulit-instrumentalist John Ridgard and is simply enchanting as it alternates between drone and melody.

Stagnant Pools – Dead Sailor [mp3] (from Temporary Room, out August 7th on Polyvinyl Records)
Two brothers from Bloomington, Indiana with a guitar and a drum kit making dense, droning art-rock that should appeal to fans of My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division, and Sonic Youth

Grubby Mitts – Standard [mp3] (7” single, out now on Lost Toy Records)
An indie rock anthem 10 years in the making.

Young Moon – Winds Light [mp3]  (from Navigated Like the Swan, out now on Western Vinyl)
From the press kit:
“Trevor Montgomery is a craftsman. By day he’s a skilled tile setter, a job taxing to both the mind and body. By night he’s an equally meticulous and hard working musician, coaxing just the right tones out of his vintage drum machines and synths to carry his tales of love and redemption. As a tile setter and as a musician, his job is the same: assembling things of beauty to fill empty spaces.  Montgomery’s previous album The Trickster (St. Ives) was inspired by his youth, wandering in the woods, riding trains, taking meth and heavy psychedelics, and narrowly cheating death on more than one occasion. On Navigated Like the Swan, his debut under the Young Moon moniker, he emerges like a shaman from the woods of his youth — his darkness is filled with light, cynicism and macabre fixations washed away by a revitalizing and intoxicating love.

JVizz – A million Questions [wav]
Smart hip-hop from a 19 year old Bostonian.

TEEPEE – Time Meant Nothing [mp3] (from Distant Love or: Time Never Meant Anything, and Never Will, out later this year on Revera Corp.)
The duality of time – in its ability to heal wounds but ultimately take you down – is the theme of this track from Miami’s TEEPEE.  This profundity is delivered on a tsunami wave of propulsive rhythm and fuzz, rendering some catharsis for the unsuspecting listener.

Baby Monster – City of Lovers [mp3] (from City of Lovers EP, out June 5th)
Disco chill wave synth-pop – to dance or to lounge?

Beachwood Sparks – Forget the Song [mp3] (from The Tarnished Gold)


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