It’s Monday: 05.21.12

Some notable music from the inbox this weekend:

Dante Elephante – “Heartbeat
The Indie Surf Pop quartet, Dante Elephante, just released their first EP, German Aquatics (stream it below). The lead single, “Heartbeat”, has all the elements we love about surf music: jangly guitars, plenty of reverb, and a funky take on an old genre. It’s easy to see why the guys are always “mad chill.” This is a good track to kick off the work week. Pop it into your favorite music listening device and enjoy.

Stream/Purchase: Dante Elephante – “German Aquatics”

Let’s Say We Did – “The Stars Looked So Bright and Green”
“The Stars Above Looked So Bright And Green” is the first single from recordings for Let’s Say We Did’s second album. It’s soft, jangly pop captures the feel of a warm summer night gazing at the stars on the hood of car with a person you love (or lust) by your side.  We’ve also included a link to their self-titled debut for which you can name your price.


Download/Stream: “Let’s Say We Did” (LP, Name your price)

Modern Rivals – “Defenestrate You
Modern Rivals’ Sea Legs EP is full of complex songs that manage to remain accessible with subtle melodies and strong composition. The Brooklyn-based quintet released the EP as a free download early this month, and it’s a strong effort. Picking one song to feature was not easy.  “Defenstrate” is a rollicking track with percussively played keyboard, bright harmonies, and guitar licks that function as horns. If you get a chance, check out their self-titled EP from 2010. It’s a solid effort, but the contrast in sound and evolution of this band is impressive.

Download/Stream: “Sea Legs” EP (free)

Watch: Meeting Quotations – “Blue Desert”
“Blue Desert” is delicately beautiful, as it describes those feelings of falling in love. The quiet jazz club number is a departure from the trip hop feel of this duo’s first release, the Utopia EP. I believe that I’ve been to the Paris Metro station where the video takes place.

Last thing… Craig and I are playing together as a duo. Each of us is busy writing songs and learning covers.  I think our big goal is to play in front of friends and family, and occasionally open for a local act in town. Here’s a track that I (Clif) wrote and recorded. Feedback, good, bad or indifferent is appreciated. The Weak Soul Patch moniker is one I adopted awhile back for the Blogophilia mixes.

We won’t make posting our material a regular habit. Sharing new music from artists around the world is still our number one objective. That stated, I hope you enjoy it:



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