Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 05.20.12

In this edition: Our newest Blogophilia Monthly Music Mix (#37), new tracks from Horrible Present, Plane Ticket, White Blush and ToeKnee Chestnutt, and videos from Beach House, Langhorne Slim and Kirin Callinan.

Blogophilia 37

Blogophilia 37
The Dadada Monthly Music Mix
of Promotional MP3s
April 2012
ripped @ 320 kbps VBR

Download all tracks in one zip


  1. Diamond Rugs – Country Mile
  2. A Place To Bury Strangers – You Are The One
  3. Parlovr – You Only Want It ‘Cause You’re Lonely
  4. Desert Stars – Farewell Decade
  5. Beach Velvet – Orange Krush
  6. Death Songs – Ophelia
  7. Hallelujah The Hills – Get Me In A Room
  8. Bronx Cheerleader – Sour Life
  9. Bright Moments – Tourists
  10. Prinzhorn Dance School – I Want You
  11. Plants and Animals – The End of That
  12. These United States – Born Young
  13. Danks – Automocar
  14. Gold & Youth  – Time To Kill
  15. Animal Mother – Paranoia in Stereo
  16. TV Girl – I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now
  17. A Thousand Fuegos – No Up No Down
  18. Turnpike Glow – 1986
  19. Stars in Coma – Dismantle Your Heart
  20. Suckers – Turn On The Shine

Consider These

Horrible Present – “Cloudy Talks”
Horrible Present began last year in Brooklyn, New York, and is the solo project of italian-born, London-based Nicola Donà. “Cloudy Talks” is a dark dream pop number that can be found with a number of other great tracks on the album, 54, I love you but it’s time to get off. You can pay what you want for it here.

Plane Ticket – “Under the Quiet Sky”
This four-piece act is out of Torres Vedras, Portugal. “Under the Quiet Sky” recalls the days of 80s college radio with guitars soaked in bell-like reverb and melancholy melodies. You can name your price for the “Under the Quiet Sky” EP here.

White Blush – “Without You”
White Blush is a solo project by LA-based singer/recording artist Carol Rhyu. “Without You” is noirish dream pop track that is hauntingly enticing.

ToeKnee ChestNutt – “Chezza”
A jazz mix of sorts with sax and clarinet provided by Rob McGrath. Kev la Katt and Love Our Records offer some of the most interesting mixes on the interwebs. If you like this, there’s a whole treasure trove of stuff to peep.

Videos, Videos, Videos…

Beach House – “Myth” (Live on Letterman0)

Langhorne Slim – “The Way We Move”

Kirin J Callinan – “Way to War”


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