Friday Free Feature: Riverwolves – “Columbia”

We have an excellent Friday Free Feature this week. It’s a mix of gritty rock and street folk with a dash of power pop sensibility.

Riverwolves recorded Columbia in an apartment on Columbia Street in Shreveport, LA. The four-piece outfit cites Dylan, Kerouac, Patti Smith, The Beatles, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as influences. Columbia has a Beat poets vs. Exile on Main Street feel to it. It’s electric and acoustic style blues-rock coupled with lyrics that focus on ‘street life’ incidents and their consequences. They boil it down to songs about drinking and cats, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Check out:

Cat Got Your Tongue


Download/Stream: “Columbia”

Riverwolves have a couple of other recordings available as well: Riverwolves and Elephantapple. Check ’em out and if you’re in Shreveport look out for Riverwolves. Follow Riverwolves on Facebook, MySpace or Bandcamp.

Download/Stream: “Riverwolves”

 Download/Stream: “Elephantapple”

Happy Friday!


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