The New 05.15.12

The Paper Scissors Held Down Threw Up [mp3] (from Free EP, out May 21st)
Australian experimental rockers offer a preview from their forthcoming Free EP, which will include 4 film clips from Sydney artists. This track is spacious with forlorn soul and deep electronic topology.

Esmerine’s 2012 Spring Tour Single – Learning to Crawl is a languid piece built on despondent piano, while Front End Loader is a raucous affair with drums, organ, and bells.

Esmerine Learning To Crawl [mp3]

Esmerine – Front End Loader [mp3]

Seventeen Evergreen Burn the Fruit (Pegasus)[mp3] (from Steady On, Scientist!, out now)
Psychedelic electronica from San Francisco.

Tiger High – Why Oh Why [mp3] (from Myth is This, out now)
Fuzzy, 50’s inspired indie rock steeped in the tradition of Memphis blue-eyed soul.

Olympic Ayres – The View [mp3] (from Episode II, out June 7th)
Highly danceable indie pop from Sydney.

Scribbleface – One Drop Forward [mp3] (single from Love Our Records)
Powerhouse multi-genre electronic music with punchy beats and aggressive snyths.

Buttonhead – Champion Bread [mp3] (from 3D Opera Whale, out July 30th on Horse Arm Records)
Avantgarde noise pop from quintet of diversely inspired mischief makers.

Linfinity – Miles [mp3] (from Lights in Cairo, out Fall 2012)
Indie rock crooners (NYC) with sophomore effort.

A Lull – Summer Dress [mp3] (from Meat Mountain EP, out June 26th)
Buoyant and infectious electronic music, propelled by profuse tom-toms.

Plushgun – Waste Away [mp3] (from Me.Me., out today)


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