The New 5.02.12

We Were Born CanariesGo Cold Turkey[mp3] (from debut album We Were Born Canaries, out now on A:Larm Music)
Danish duo deliver shadowy yet elegant tales of suburban longing and heartache.  Their debut album was expertly mixed by Brian Batz (of Sleep Party People).

The Leg – Bake Yourself Silly [mp3] (from An Eagle to Saturn, out now on Toad Records)
Deranged Scottish pub songs with a Vaudevillian vibe.

FAWN – Pixels [mp3] (from debut LP Coastlines, out June 12th on Quite Scientific Records)
Comprising a quartet of Detroit music veterans, FAWN renders superb indie pop with rough edges in a seemingly effortless manner – “What’ja say? What’ja say?”

Giana Factory – Dive [mp3] (from Save the Youth, out soon)
Dark synth-pop from Danish trio.

NO CEREMONY/// – HEARTBREAKER featuring Joey Santiago [mp3] (single, 10” vinyl out may 14th)
Pulsating, warped electronica.

Jonquil – Run (Keep Shelly in Athens remix) [mp3] (promo single)
Oxford, UK quartet classic rockers get the angelic snyth-pop treatment via Grecian duo Keep Shelly in Athens.

The Thieves From The North – I’m Like a Child [mp3] (from What It Is, What It Was, and What It Shall Be, out May on Lucky Duck Records)
Mellow, nostalgic folk-rock from Swedish troubadours.

We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Devil In The Old Folks’ Home [mp3] (from Make a Mess Of Sacred Ground)

Wowser Bowser – Winter Child [mp3] (from debut album Wowser Bowser)
Atlanta kids riding the wave of interest in experimental sounds created by Deerhunter, Wowser Bowser embrace 80s pop and post-rock avant-garde sensibilities.

Johnny 5th Wheel & the Cowards – In My Laboratory [mp3] (single)


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