Something for Later Volume 6

New installment in the mix series that focuses on experimental rock, avant garde pop, freak folk, and electronic music.  If you like a song, please check out the artist (and consider purchasing music).  Click here to download a ZIP file with all tracks and cover art.

1. Life Size Maps –Wind in the Furnace (from Weird Luck)
2. Volcanoes – With Black Gloves (from Heavy Hands)
3. Death Grips – Get Got (from The Money Store)
4. Carter Cola – Between the Dots (single)
 5. Video Love – Le Bruit des Machines (from Mon Ange)
6. DntelBright Night (from Aimlessness)
7. Posttod – No More Time (from Moon)
8. Spectral Park – Pale Glistens (single)
9. Vinyl WilliamsWho Are You? (from Lemniscate)
10. Some Ember – Face of Sand (from Hotel of Lost Light)
11. Yusuf Azak – New Deal Decadence (from Prizefighter EP)
12. The TindersticksFrozen (from The Something Rain)
13. Sleep Party People – Chin (from We Were Drifting on a Sad Song)
14. Milk Maid – Do Right (from Mostly No)
15. Magnetic Island – The Space (from Magnetic Island)
16. Bright Moments – Travelers (from Natives)
17. Just Another Snake Cult – Hold My Head Up High (from Ghosts)
18. Biography – 80s Culture Shock (from boom.period)
19. Bobby Conn – Underground Vktm (from Macaroni)
20. LoOmis – War Elephants (from Vellocet)
21. Dead Mellotron – Stranger (from Glitter)
22. Castle Kids – Life in the Castle (from Long Live the Castle Kids)
23. Frank Rabeyrolles – Listening to Tago Mago (single)



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