Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 04.29.12

In this edition: Flights are now Foreign Films, Discover Melbourne’s Sans Gras, tracks from Black Manila, Clare and the Reasons, The Fades, and Fossil Collective, and videos from Ingrid Michaelson, Lostego, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Fossil Collective.

Flights are now Foreign Films

We featured the single, “Taller,” on our Biscuits and Gravy mix last month. We just realized that the Flights is now Foreign Films, and that they’re offering their EP, “Anywhere But Where I am”  through Bandcamp where you can pay what you want for a digital copy, or pay just $9.99 for a physical copy of the album

We love unheralded, unhyped abums we feature and this one is no exception. The track, “Taller” is an excllent post-modern single, but the entire album is ripe with gems. This is a definite grab and you can check them out:


Download/Stream: “Anywhere But Where I Am”

Watch: “Wild Wind”


Consider These

Black Manila – “England”
from Fiasco
out April 30
Wow! these guys have really stepped it up. Late last year, they released an EP featuring the track “Hazy Daze.” It was decent garage rock, but could not compare to the raucous explosion of “England.” We’ve previewed a couple of other tracks from Fiasco, and it’s more like early British Invasion than garage rock. Think The Animals fronted by Mick Jagger–lots of biting, dirty guitar riffs backed by a truly nasty rhythm section. Get ready to get your ears rocked off.


Clare and the Reasons – “The Lake”
from KR-51
out July 10 on Frog Stand
The Brooklynites were feeling the love in Europe following the release of their debut The Movie in 2009. They spent eight months in Berlin last year recording KR-51 and offer the pensive and stark, “The Lake” as a preview. They are on tour in Europe and the US over the next several months, and will play Bonnaroo this summer. Check the schedule here.


The Fades – “Joy”
single to be released May 28
“Joy” is the follow up to the explosive “Meccano” released earlier this winter. It’s a worthy follow up with heartfelt, yearning vocals contrasting with roaring guitars and pulsing drums.


Fossil Collective – “The Power of Love”
(Frankie Goes to Hollywood Cover)
A really nice cover of an old forgotten fave. In fact, this version might be better than the original. It is a truly beautiful interpretation. Check out the new video for “Let It Go” below in Videos, Videos, Videos.

Videos, Videos, Videos…

We’re going to kick off the videos with Ingrid Michaelson’s excellent cover and video for Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know”, which is currently tearing it up all over the world. Sometimes it’s funny how long it takes a fire to spread. This track is how old?  Commentary aside, this video is great and Michaelson can’t be any cuter. Check out here Army of 3 covers and videos here.

Ingrid Michaelson – “Somebody I Used To Know” (Gotye Cover)

Other videos from The Fossil Collective, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, France’s Lostego

Fossil Collective – “Let It Go”

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – “The Power of Love”

Lostego – “The Colossi”



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